A sweeping election reform bill that Democrats have pegged as their top legislative priority is expected to go down in defeat Tuesday in the

Nearly two dozen Republican attorneys general (AGs) are calling on congressional leaders to reject President Biden's proposal excluding the Hyde Amendment from the federal

The Spanish Flu lasted from 1918-1920, reportedly killing over 50 million people worldwide. What followed was a decade replete with jazz bands, a roaring

The Washington Post had to make some major changes to a story attempting to discredit journalist Christopher Rufo, who has led the cause against

Former President Donald Trump has offered to support a Republican primary challenger to replace New York GOP Rep. John Katko who voted to impeach

The Trump Organization is suing New York City, charging a contract was wrongfully terminated when Mayor Bill de Blasio gave the company the ax

Senate Republicans are likely to stand firm on Tuesday and kill the federal election takeover legislation through which Democrats seek to cancel state voter

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez has hit the brakes on a bill to repeal Iraq war authorizations, honoring a GOP request for